Team Volunteer Registration

Updated Monday May 6, 2019 by KCRBRL.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a team volunteer (Manager, Coach, Team Parent - see bottom of page for role descriptions). 

We appreciate your commitment and will do everything we can to support you.  A collection of resources is available in the Coach's Corner in the left menu.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you in advance for your interest in Managing/Coaching/Team Parenting.

VP Softball - Jim Meyer

VP Baseball - Christopher Schuon

Registration is a 6-step process:

Total costs range from $30-$45.  Background Check and Abuse Prevention Training are valid for 2 years while the Coaching Education course is valid for life.

  1. Register Online
    Signing up to volunteer is almost identical to signing up your child to play except you choose the "Apply to Coach/Volunteer" option on the home screen.   Below are step-by-step instructions.
  • Visit Kingston Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth and sign in to your SSU Play account (Green box login top right of this screen).
  • Select "Apply to Coach/Volunteer"
  • Choose Registrant (or add New Adult if you don't see yourself) and select "Register now"
  • Follow prompts, enter information and select "Continue Registration"
  • Choose Role and Subdivision, then select "Register"
  • Add comment if desired, then select "Continue"
  • If volunteering in multiple roles/subdivisions, select "Register additional players/volunteers" and repeat the above process.  Otherwise, select "Continue to Checkout"
  • Select "Complete Order" to finalize registration.  Cost will be $0.
  1. Complete Background Check

The Babe Ruth League requires a biennial (every 2 years) background check for all volunteers.  There are two options to choose from on how to complete your Background Check:

  • Kingston Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth League - FREE
    Download KCRBRL Background Check 2019 (pdf) and complete.  After completing the form, you can take a picture of it with a smart phone or scan it with a scanner and email to KCRBRL Safety Officer Wayne Platte at  Otherwise, you can mail to:

    PO Box 241
    Hurley, NY 12443

  • SportsEngine Background Screening by NCSI - $25.50
    SportsEngine offers an ONLINE Background Screening that incorporates the Abuse Prevention Training as well.  Although there is a fee, this is by far the easiest method.  It will definitely help facilitate your completion of the volunteer requirements as well as minimize future updates to your background check certification.

    You will need a credit card to pay online.  For more information, please review the FAQ.

    If you are interested, you can begin the process here:  Babe Ruth League's 2019 Background Screen Registration

    Be sure to select both "KINGSTON BABE RUTH LEAGUE" & "KINGSTON CAL RIPKEN LEAGUE" as your leagues.

Once complete, you will be directed to the Abuse Prevention Training site FREE of charge.

NOTE:  If you are unsure if you have a current background check on file, contact Wayne Platte at and he'll be happy to check.

After approval by the Board, you'll need to complete the remaining steps.

  1. Complete the Babe Ruth League Abuse Prevention Program

The Babe Ruth League requires coaches to complete Abuse Prevention Training.  Once completed, it is valid for your entire coaching career.

There are two options depending on if you selected a KCRBRL Background Check or a SportsEngine Background Screening:

  • KCRBRL Background Check - $10.00
    If you completed the KCRBRL Background Check, you'll need to show proof of that completion.  Please contact your VP to receive a certified document that you'll use when you sign up for the Abuse Prevention Training course.

After receiving the document, go to BRL's 2019 APS Registration.  Register for the course and when prompted:  "Have you completed a background screen in the last 18 months?" select YES and upload the certified document you received from the VPs.  Contine on to complete the course.

You will need a credit card to pay online.  For more information, please review BRL's Child Protection Program.

  • SportsEngine Background Screening - FREE
    If you completed the SportsEngine Background Screening, you'll be automatically directed to the Abuse Prevention Training site with no extra fees.

KCRBRL is in the Mid Atlantic Region.  Be sure to select both "KINGSTON BABE RUTH LEAGUE" & "KINGSTON CAL RIPKEN LEAGUE" as your leagues.

At the conclusion of the training, you'll have the option to email your certificate.  Please email to

If you forgot to email certificate, please follow these instructions to return to APS and email.  We'll be able to confirm your status from an admin site online but also need a certificate on file.

You are finished with this requirement.

  1. Complete the Babe Ruth League Coaching Certification Program (Managers & Coaches only)

Register here

The Babe Ruth League requires coaches to complete a “certification” course.  Once completed, it is valid for your entire coaching career.

Which course is right for you?  How much does it cost?

There are two course options, introductory & advanced, for both baseball and softball.  All meet the certification requirement.

Introductory course - $19.95
     Course test - (30 questions)
     Course length - 2-3 hours

To help you decide as to which course is right for you, see the side-by-side comparison table of each course.

You will need a credit card to pay online.  For more information, see the Babe Ruth Coaching FAQ.

Once complete, there is an option to email your transcript.  Please send to and notify us that you have completed the course.  We'll review and confirm the transcript. 

Please review these instructions on how to save your certificate as a pdf so that you can email it to


Register here


  1. Concussion Training (Optional)
    Consider taking the FREE HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Concussion Training Program to familiarize yourself with concussion protocols.
    • Course length - 30-45 minutes
  2. Attend Coaches Clinic (Managers & Coaches only) (Optional)
    • Saturday, March 24, 2019
      10am-11am @ Kingston Plaza



  • Manager (Head Coach) - The manager of a team is responsible for team operations.  They are the primary contact between the league and the team.  They plan and facilitate practices with the help of their coaches.  See Coach's Corner for additional information and resources.
  • Coach - Coaches help the manager coach the team and perform any other duties assigned by the manager. A manager may have as many coaches as they can recruit on the team.  However, only 1 manager and 3 coaches are allowed on the roster or in the dugout.  See Coach's Corner for additional information and resources.
  • Team Parent - You have a very important role - to help the team run smoothly. You assist the manager in collaboration with the coaches.  Roles may include communications specialist, hydration supervisor, sustenance provider, and all around jack of all trades.  If you are interested in filling this role, please register yourself through the online registration system and select Team Parent.

2019 KCRBRL Background Check.pdf